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My Royal Nest is end to end provider of services related to societies integrated with a Smart App that helps one change their normal lifestyle to Smart Living.


About Us

My Royal Nest is end to end provider of services related to societies integrated with a Smart App that helps one change their normal lifestyle to Smart Living. With the increasing penetration of mobile phones and the evolution in technology we always strive for a smarter and better living. Smart living provides comfort by way of high-tech security, state-of-the-art facilities; convenience of integrating all the operations and activities on a single platform along with a consulting/end to end offerings related to all society related activities.

My Royal Nest brings all this features under one smart app which can be controlled remotely from outside by a phone. It is a modern-day software designed & developed to meet the ends from a contemporary tech-friendly consumer to real estate developers & builders. My Royal Nest proudly makes its offerings relevant to anyone partially or completely in some way or the other, and hence it is One App solution which delivers peace of mind to all the society and committee members by managing daily society activites.

It is “All-In-One” App to create a Smart and Modern Living with other allied and day to day services at your fingertips. We aim at making a lifestyle statement and taking present consumer to smart living models with Technology enablement. This service will not only deliver Quality of life but will give them freedom from managing day to day activities of society and enjoy the services like never before. Ultimately achieving Peace of Mind. This is the way forward we deeply believe in. Let’s get together and create a change today for a better& brighter tomorrow.


Our App Features

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The app is very user friendly but empowered with fantastic features

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It modernizes the traditional day to day communication of society

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Instant notification on any visitor arrival to the Family member

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Regular discount coupons and offers exclusively for My Royal Nest Family


Building Management
  •  Create fresh notices along with attachments and send it to Members.
  •  Send Notices to all the members based on a single click.
  •  Safe record keeping of all notices in a single place and easy display of any notice.
  •  A snippet of all Notices can be seen under All Notices.
  •  Residents get an easy access for sharing multiple topics on the notice board.
  •  Automated notification to Members on any Events Published.
  •  Access to online directory for available society service providers and nearby facilities such as Hospitals, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Police, to name some.
Complain resolution mechanism-subpart of Building management
  •  An enhanced ticketing tool for complaint logging.
  •  Real time update on any complain and one click next action/ acknowledgement.
  •  Easy Reporting and escalation for unresolved complains.
  •  Can lodge any complaint(s) related to housing issues.
  •  Automated update is sent to the ticket creator once Admin responds to any raised issue.
Smart Security
  •  Quick notification for all visitor(s) & merchandise movement approvals for enhanced security control.
  •  Record all visitor & merchandise In/Out with a single tap.
  •  Track real-time visitor& merchandise movement In/Out and their status updates on the go.
Staff Management
  •  Digital record keeping for all staff related activities.
  •  Complete staff history & details such as Staff Name, Contact Number, Move-In/Out Date & Time, Staff Type, Job Purpose, Flat Number & Photograph.
  •  Access to fully updated staff list at all times.
Allied Services

We takes care of everything from your basic grooming needs like grocery, salon, manis and pedis to more elaborate requirements like bridal makeovers, mehendi, spas and so much more right at your doorstep. The contact number of credible vendors/service provider will be listed for you to select.


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